Unreal Engine 4: 19 HD Screens Reveal The Future Of Gaming @ E3 2012

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Unreal Engine 4 gets some HD screens out of E3 2012, courtesy of Epic Games, giving us a window into the next-gen of PC, PS4 and Xbox 720 gaming.

Unreal Engine 4 has received a stunning trailer and batch of HD screens from Epic Games at E3 2012, showing what will be possible on PC, Xbox 720 and PS4. 

The shots show realtime particle effects, dynamic lighting, malleable fluids, fogging and much, much more. 

We’ve discussed the finer points of what Unreal Engine 4 is capable of over at our analysis article, and explored what these new innovations could mean for the future of gaming. 

Check out our Unreal Engine 4 analysis here:

  • Unreal Engine 4 Reveal: Gameplay Vs Graphics – What It Means For Next-Gen Gaming
And you can check out Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 reveal trailer here:
  • Unreal Engine 4 Trailer Reveals Glimpse Of Next-Gen Gaming @ E3 2012


30/30 app asks you to pay what you want

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Well, this is clever! There’s a nifty app called 30/30 that allows you to pay 3 different prices for it. How? All are in-app purchases, but don’t really unlock anything. It’s not a donation, which isn’t allowed, because the developer isn’t a non-profit and you are paying them for the shareware. It’s just a clever way of using the App Store for an honor system.

The app itself is a timer app, used to set timers for activities. Similar to the minutes prescribed in the Pomodoro technique, except 30/30 allows a range of timing. The app is free to download, as the payment is up to you.

via The Guardian

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Black Ops 2: Yemen Strike Force Mission Revealed – New Screen

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Black Ops 2 Art_.jpg

Black Ops 2’s second Strike Force Operation mission has been revealed via a new screen released by Activision. Check it out here.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is bringing sandbox gameplay to the series through new Strike Force Operations, missions that let you approach situations how you want, be it on the ground, through drones or commanding units in Overwatch mode.

The first Strike Force Operation was revealed at E3 2012, and took place in Singapore. The footage is awesome, but confusingly, Treyarch didn’t show it at its Microsoft conference reveal – Which was a tad silly.

The official Call of Duty Twitter feed has just revealed an image of the second Strike Force Operation, along with a tweet that confirms Yemen as the location.

Here’s the shot:

And the tweet:

We’ll have more on the Black Ops 2 Yemen mission as it happens. But in the meantime:


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Pikmin 3 @ E3 2012: Better Late Than Never For Nintendo’s Stunning Reveal

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Pikmin 3 has been in demand from fans for ages, and Nintendo finally revealed its Wii U follow-up at its pre-E3 conference. We expose all of the new details in our round up.

LinkedIn leaks password hashes, iOS app is scraping your meeting notes (Update)

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It’s not a good day for the social network for professionals. Recently, someone posted about 6.5 million password hashes on a Russian hacker forum; it looks like many or most of those came from LinkedIn. Hashes themselves are not enough to grant a bad guy access to your LinkedIn account, but if your password is found in any dictionary or list of common passwords, it’s going to be cracked. Go ahead and change your LinkedIn password now — then we’ll get to the other LinkedIn news.

Last April, LinkedIn finally got around to rolling out an iPad app. Truthfully, the iPad app leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not nearly as good as LinkedIn’s iPhone app. However, both apps share a new feature that lets them sync with iOS calendars, thus allowing users to view upcoming events inside the LinkedIn app itself. The only problem appears to be, as the New York Times reports, that LinkedIn is collecting a user’s meeting notes and sending them back to LinkedIn’s servers.

Uh, oh.

Why this is a big deal — and why every LinkedIn user should be furious about this — is because it’s a major breach of privacy, it’s against Apple’s privacy guidelines, and nowhere is it stated in the app that enabling calendar sync will send any event notes back to LinkedIn servers.

As the New York Times points out, many people include confidential notes in a calendar event. For instance, a CEO might have a calendar event for a meeting in which, in addition to the time and place, he also might have written down the corporate call-in number along with its passcode and the company’s confidential financial highlights in the notes. Also, LinkedIn’s calendar sync doesn’t just upload your business calendars to LinkedIn’s serves, it uploads your personal ones as well. So if you have a calendar event for a private medical appointment and make a note on the event saying, “Ask doctor about the lump I found,” that’s on LinkedIn’s servers, too.

LinkedIn spokesperson Julie Inouye told the New York Times the company’s “calendar sync feature is a clear ‘opt-in’ experience…We use information from the meeting data to match LinkedIn profile information about who you’re meeting with so you have more information about that person.” She also noted that user’s iOS calendars only sync when the LinkedIn app is open and that users could opt out of the calendar feature at any point.

There are two problems with this answer: One, it doesn’t explain why users weren’t notified their private notes were being uploaded to LinkedIn’s servers, and two, it doesn’t address whether a user’s calendars and notes are deleted from the servers when a user who has opted in opts out, or if the already-uploaded events and their notes remain on LinkedIn’s servers forever.

Until LinkedIn rectifies this (or Apple steps up to the plate and pulls the app until it’s rectified) there’s little a user can do if they’ve already opted in to LinkedIn’s calendar sync. However, those who have opted in can still opt out, and thus at least prevent future entries from being uploaded to LinkedIn’s servers, by doing the following:

On the iPhone

  1. Open the LinkedIn iOS app on your iPhone.
  2. Select your profile (the “You” badge).
  3. Tap the cog wheel icon in the top-right corner.
  4. Tap “Add Calendar.”
  5. On the next screen, switch “Add Your Calendar” to OFF.

On the iPad

  1. Open the LinkedIn iOS app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the cog wheel icon in the top-left corner.
  3. Switch “Show Calendar” to OFF.

Update: LinkedIn has issued a statement regarding the mobile calendar feature, saying:

“We Don’t:

  • We do not store any calendar information on our servers.
  • We do not share or use your calendar data for purposes other than matching it with relevant LinkedIn profiles.
  • We do not under any circumstances access your calendar data unless you have explicitly opted in to sync your calendar

We Will Improve:

  • We will no longer send data from the meeting notes section of your calendar event.
  • There will be a new ‘learn more’ link to provide more information about how your calendar data is being used.”

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Wii U: Ubisoft Shows Off Impressive Line-Up, Including Zombi U – Nintendo @ E3 2012

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Wii U’s 3rd party line-up has been bolstered heavily by Ubisoft, with games like Just Dance 4, Rayman Legend

Wii U’s library of 3rd party games keeps on getting bigger and better, thanks to Ubisoft.

Over at Nintendo’s pre-E3 2012 conference, Ubisoft took to the stage to show off Just Dance 4, giving players the option to play puppet master using the Wii U Gamepad or as a dancer using WiiMote.

Zombi U is looking incredible, showing off some brutal first-person zombie shooting action, incorporating a ton of Wii U Gamepad functions including holding the screen up to your telly like a sniper scope,manage inventory, hacking doors using an on screen keypad, scanning the environment, shaking off zombies who latch on to you, and using the Gamepad screen as a radar.

Underlining the Wii U’s technical clout, Zombi U looks incredible, and we’ll have more to come on Ubisoft’s zombie shooter as it happens.

Other Ubisoft Wii U titles include Avengers: Battle for Earth, Assassin’s Creed 3, Rabbids Land, Rayman Legends and Your Shape 2013.

Fotor CameraBag — Get this super iOS photo app while it’s free

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I’m always on the prowl for great photo apps, so let me tell you about Fotor CameraBag. It’s free for a limited time, usually selling in the App Store for US$1.99.

There are a lot of iPhoneography apps that try to do everything, but many of them perform their functions poorly. Fotor CameraBag, on the other hand, does a lot of things and does them very well.

First, it has excellent HDR imaging. Take a photo from within the app, and you can make final adjustments and tweaks before you save. I put it to the test with a darkened interior room with bright morning sun in the windows and the results were excellent.

Next, for non-HDR imaging you get a variety of filters, a one-tap enhance option, frames, and something rare in an all-in-one app — the ability to make collages.

There’s also a tilt-shift option called Big Aperture that simulates the effect of a tilt-shift lens. Fotor CameraBag also includes the usual social sharing options, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and email.

With all of those features, there are a few annoyances. The work flow can be convoluted. You can’t save directly to the camera roll of your iOS device; you save to the app’s own library, and then export to the camera roll. That’s just not necessary, and it should be an option you can turn off. The Color Splash tool, which allows you to selectively add or erase color, is a bit confusing. The icon to adjust brush size is simply called ‘brush’. Until I clicked on it, I had no idea what it was for.

Don’t let these mild criticisms put you off. Fotor CameraBag is a very powerful app, and if you want just one app for editing that includes excellent HDR, I’d give this app serious consideration. The fact that it is currently free is the icing on the cake.

The app is a 22 MB download, and works on the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or greater. This app has no relationship to the similarly named CameraBag, which has received positive reviews. It is an excellent filter collection, but not an image creation app.

I’ve got an example HDR and some screen shots in the gallery below.

Gallery: Fotor CameraBag for iOS

HDR in challenging light conditionsMain screen

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Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Trailer E3 2012 – Watch It Here

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Feast your eyes on the gameplay Capcom demoed at Microsoft’s E3 2012 conference.

We’ve taken screengrabs from the trailer below so you can see Resident Evil 6 in closer detail, but nothing compares to seeing Capcom demo the game at Microsoft’s E3 2012 conference.

Watch it here.

Wii U: Nintendo To Reveal New Info Tonight

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Unexpected reveal comes just hours before Nintendo’s E3 press conference.

Nintendo will show ‘new information about the Wii U’ on its Nintendo Direct website tonight.

In an unexpected pre-E3 reveal, Nintendo’s video comes just a few hours before the company’s E3 press conference.

The video, hosted by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, will go live at 11pm BST / 6pm EST.

Not much has been seen of Nintendo’s latest console since its unveiling at last year’s E3, save for rumours of a minor design change and a possible name change.

These could be the subject of tonight’s video; we’re also hoping to see a glimpse of Nintendo’s first batch of first party Wii U games.

You can see the video here.

A load of new games have been revealed in the run up to this year’s E3 including a new Gears Of War, Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2, Skyrim DLC Dawngaurd and a ‘mature’ Star Wars game, Star Wars 1313.

Who needs E3 anyway?

  • Nintendo At E3 2012: Wii U Games & Hardware, What To Expect

Pure releases AirPlay compatible Contour 200i Air

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Consumer electronics firm Pure has just released the Contour 200i Air wireless digital music system. Not only does the Contour 200i Air act as a dock for your favorite iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, but it also provides AirPlay compatibility so that you can beam your favorite sounds from any iOS (and soon OS X) device on your network.

The US$249.00 Contour 200i Air delivers 36W of digital quality sound to any room; Pure notes that you can install multiple Contours throughout your house and stream music to all of them from your iOS device for a house- or office-wide sound solution. The Contour works not only with Wi-Fi, but also features an Ethernet port for a wired solution.

Pure provides a free “Pure Lounge” app to users of several of its devices, including the Contour 200i Air. The app gives owners access to over 16,000 internet radio stations and over 5,000 podcasts, as well as a library of ambient sounds for relaxation.

There’s no word on when the Contour 200i Air will ship, other than it is “coming soon.”

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