EA Boss Expects Next-Gen Consoles In 2013

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Xbox 720 and PS4 could be on their way as early as next year according to EA boss John Riccitiello.

Microsoft and Sony could be set to launch new consoles as early as next year, according to EA CEO John Riccitiello.

“A major catalyst going forward, and the most important catalyst going forward is visibility on next-generation console,” Riccitiello told CNBC in a conversation about EA’s low stock.

“That NPD data, that minus 10-25 per cent that you’ve been seeing, that can and should be reversed out and some point, probably starting next year.”

Wii U will likely reinvigorate the hardware market in 2013, but whether or not Riccitiello is referring to Nintendo’s console alone remns to be seen.

New PlayStation and Xbox consoles have been rumoured for a reveal next year, ahead of a possible launch in 2014.

In a recent interview analyst Michael Pachter revealed that as recently as 2008, Riccitiello expected new consoles to launch in 2010-2011.

Valve Would Consider Cloud-Gaming If Customers Like Gaikai

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Steam may end up offering streaming game services – but will likely wait for the cloud gaming market to prove itself first.

Valve isn’t outruling anything where cloud-gaming is concerned, it has revealed to NowGamer.

Asked at Develop if cloud-gaming was on Valve’s radar in light of Gaikai’s acquistion by Sony, Anna Sweet told us: “It’ll come down to whether customers need it, or like it. If that’s the case it’s definitely something we’d want to investigate moving forward.”

Valve has introduced numerous new tools and services recently, with Source Filmmaker in beta, Steam hitting Linux and Steam Greenlight on the way.

“I’m excited for what we’re going to learn from our customers with Greenlight,” Sweet added. “We’ve spent a lot of time doing our best to try and deliver to customers what we think they want to play, and I think we’re going to learn a lot about whether or not we were right.

“I think they’re going to teach us a bunch about what they want to see on Steam, what they want to play, and teach the developers participating in Greenlight a lot about what they’re looking for in games.”

Steam Greenlight goes live next month.

Is This What PlayStation 4 Looks Like?

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PS4 takes one step closer to reality.

The first images of what could be the PlayStation 4 has emerged, as found in the latest issue of Play magazine.

Play commissioned artist Ross Board to design the image based on Sony’s product line and history, technology trends and the likely architecture of the PlayStation 4 itself.

Play believes the PlayStation 4 will have a Blu-Ray drive, in spite of the recent Gaikai deal. The outlet also believes Sony’s next console will feature an internal power source, four USB 3.0 ports, PowerXCell and will continue to use DualShock as its primary input device.

“The next generation will arguably the last that uses physical media,” the magazine writes. “Downloads and streaming means publishers don’t have to worry about second-hand sales, while the continued success of services shows digital is the way forward. Problem? UK’s broadband infrastructure is poor.”

The latest issue of Play is available now from newsagents, iTunes, Imagine Shop and greatdigitalmags.com.

GTA 5 Behind Closed Doors, E3 Rumours Persist – Report

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Forum post thinks GTA 5 info is incoming in July, while behind-the-scenes conversations suggest Rockstar has already shown the game.

All’s quiet from Rockstar on GTA 5 these days, but a recent forum post on the official GTA forums seems to believe more information is incoming.

Most interesting is the revelation that Forum user bud23 – who claims to be a freelance writer for what seems like a number of European magazines – has been speaking to people that might have seen GTA 5.

The forum post talks of a journalist at E3 2012 who, behind closed doors with “the boss of Sony in an european country,” discussed GTA 5. The Sony representative claims to have seen GTA 5 in action.

The post then mentions that three major magazine publications -GameInformer, OXM and PSM – who already have previews of GTA 5 ready. 

The thread post then speculates that GTA 5 will receive some information in July, with a release date of October 2012.

There’s a lot of decent points made here, though admittedly most of it is speculative and without any real conclusive evidence – it’s certainly worth reading if you’re hopeful for an October 2012 GTA 5 release date, or indeed any details whatsoever.

Take it all with a pinch of salt, of course, there’s no real facts here.

Unreal Engine 4: Screens, Video, Analysis All In One Place

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The future of in-game worlds and visuals is here with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

Epic Games has finally made the entire Unreal Engine 4 demo public, revealing an impressive real-time spectacle which could help forge what the next consoles from both Sony and Microsoft can do, and how games on the platforms will look.

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Sony At E3 2012: Has Every PS3 And PS Vita Exclusive Been Revealed?

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Sony has famously promised to reveal “more than 20 new gaming experiences” at E3 – but how many do we already know about?

Sony is set to reveal over 20 new games for PlayStation platforms at E3 next week, but such is the trend of revealing them all pre-show.

In fact, with so many Sony games already revealed or rumoured, we probably know all of the games it will be showing for PS3 and PS Vita.

Sony’s press event is set to start at 6PM local LA time, or 2AM BST, but here are the games we expect to see:


God of War: Ascension
LittleBigPlanet Karting
Ratchet & Clank: QForce/Full Frontal Assault
Guacamelee! (PSN)
Sports Champions 2
PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
When Vikings Attack (PSN)
Dust 514
The Last Of Us
Big Sky (PSN)
Quantic Dream Project (rumoured)

PS Vita:

Guacamelee! (PSN)
Travel Bug / Ecolibrium / Imaginstruments (apps)
PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale (rumoured)
LittleBigPlanet Vita
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
When Vikings Attack (PSN)
Special Report Division
Big Sky (PSN)
Assassin’s Creed 3 Vita (rumoured)
Ghost Recon Vita (rumoured)
Call of Duty Vita (rumoured)

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Sony Trademark Hints At Quantic Dream’s Canned Infraworld, Cloud Gaming

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Something would appear to be brewing over at Sony ahead of its E3 showing next week.

Sony rumours surrounding its E3 plans have been coming thick and fast, with the biggest suggesting a new game reveal from Quantic Dream and potential acquisition of cloud-gaming service are imminent.

Now those two rumours have merged somewhat with a Superannuation column reporting that a Sony trademark for Infraworld could in fact suggest Quantic Dream is still working on the game of the same name which it cancelled back in 2006.

Sony re-registered Infraworld as a trademark late last year, and of note is the fact that it revised the description to: “providing on-line computer games; providing game services for enabling temporary use of non-downloadable game programs transmitted by accessing networks and to play repeatedly until power supply disconnection of consumer video game consoles for use with an external display screen or monitor.”

Sounds like a description of cloud-gaming if ever we heard one.

We’ll know much more next week – keep an eye on NowGamer’s E3 coverage for all the details.



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Sony: Cuts PS Vita Price With Limited Time Offer Update

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PlayStation Vita will be around £40 cheaper from next week, Sony has confirmed.

The PS Vita will be available for a period of aound six weeks with a sub-£200 RRP from 1 June, according to MCV.

Sony has apparently confirmed a €50 (£40) rebate programme for all Vita handhelds sold between 1 June and 15 July.

If the discount holds true, the rebate will make the console available with a starting RRP of around £189.99 for the WiFi version and £229.99 for the 3G version, based on the console’s launch prices.

Actual pricing via the offer has yet to be confirmed.

MCV has tweeted that the offer may not be applicable to the UK, instead isolated to France. More when we get it.

Sony Online Reveals F2P Online FPS Bullet Run, Details At E3

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Sony Online Entertainment is developing a reality show-themed shooter via an action-packed trailer.

Bullet Run is SOE’s newly revealed free-to-play FPS, and will pit players in a futuristic gameshow, according to a report on Forbes.

The shooter is in the works at German developer Acony, and pits 20 players in a customisable battle across six maps.

Look out for more details at E3, and check out the video above to see Bulelt Run in action.

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GTA 5: Pachter Predicts Pre-E3 Showing, October Release Date

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Rockstar set to ’steal thunder’ from E3 with a GTA 5 announcement ahead of the show thinks analyst.

GTA 5 could be revealed further the day before E3 begins as Rockstar likes  “stealing the thunder from everything else,” according to Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter.

“They’ve outgrown the show. I think they’re way too cool to go,” he said on GTTV (skip to 5.31). “My read on those guys is they like stealing the thunder from everything else. So if I had to bet, I’d say you’d get an announcement on GTA 5 the day before E3 starts, that’d be Monday, June 4. They don’t show up and that’s all anybody can do is talk about GTA 5 at the show.”

Rockstar last attended E3 to reveal Agent at Sony’s press conference in 2009.

Pachter added that he expects GTA 5’s release date to fall on 23 October – shortly after BioShock Infinite, which the analyst says is of no concern to Rockstar. With both games falling under the Take Two Interactive umbrella however, you might want to take that with a pinch of salt.

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