Daily iPhone App: Swordigo hacks and slashes in 2D

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Swordigo is a really impressive venture on iOS. It’s a 2D-action platformer with a lot of nice RPG elements. In other words, it’s a 2D Legend of Zelda title, and it lives up to that comparison quite well.

There are a few weak points. The graphics aren’t exactly impressive though they do get the job done, and the story is barely there and hamstrung by some translation issues, I think. But neither of those things matters much, because the game is well designed. Every swing of your sword pops up XP into a meter, which feels very rewarding and makes the whole affair a lot of fun.

Plus, Swordigo is free today, so you should probably just go download it. It’s a quality game anyway, but for zero dollars, it’s a must-get.

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Star Wars And The ZX Spectrum Celebrated In New Retro Gamer Maagzine

Author: Arthur Ricky  //  Category: Apple, Games and Players

Star Wars: X-Wing franchise and Spectrum’s thirtieth anniversary hit Retro Gamer.

The latest issue of Retro Gamer celebrates the excellent Star Wars: X-Wing franchise, as well as the ZX Spectrum’s thirtieth anniversary.
Our in-depth X-Wing feature looks at the original hit PC flight sim, as well as the excellent sequel Tie-Fighter, before moving onto X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter and X-Wing: Alliance.
To celebrate the incoming anniversary of the ZX Spectrum we’ve interviewed numerous developers, publishers and magazine editors, making it the most comprehensive Spectrum article yet.
Other great articles in issue 102 include the making of Cybernoid and Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars, the history of WipEout, and interview with Ian Livingstone of Fighting Fantasy fame, and a look back at the classic Kid Icarus that was first released on the NES.
Star Wars and the ZX Spectrum celebrated in issue 102 of Retro Gamer. You can read the full articles in issue 102, on sale 26 April priced £4.99. Get your copy from all good newsagents, imagineshop, itunes or Zenio.

Witcher 2 Xbox 360 Reviews: Great Scores For CD Projekt’s RPG Epic

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is out next week – but just how good is it?

The Witcher 2 finally launches for Xbox 360 on Tuesday 17 April, but the verdicts are in today and reveal an RPG of note, with review scores indicating that CD Projekt’s epic is just as good – if not better – than the PC original.

NowGamer’s 9.2/10 The Witcher 2 review called the game an “atmospheric and demanding RPG that you should play right now,” which the rest of th internet appears to agree with – check out the other review scores below:


Beefjack – 8.5
CVG – 9.2
Eurogamer – 9
GamesRadar – 9
GameReactor – 9.2
GameTrailers – 9.4
OXM UK – 9
OXM US – 8.5
Strategy Informer – 9
Videogamer – 9

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Shadowrun Returns Will Definitely Come To PC And iPad

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Harebrained Schemes has reached its Kickstarter goal in a day, and will go on to develop Shadowrun Returns.

It only took a day, but Shadowrun Returns has already managed to reach its Kickstart target of , meaning the project should be shortly heading into development.

Of the nearly 9,000 backers it took to reach the target, two pledged the maximum of five paid 1,000 gave while around 50% of the total only offered the minimum of

There’s still 23 days left of the Kickstarter pledging period too, so there’s every opportunity that it’ll go on to increase its final total just like Double Fine’s adventure game, Wasteland and The Banner Saga did before it.

When asked in the Kickstarter project what Harebrained Schemes would do if they got more money than the initial goal, they responded with a Mac version and additional languages support (with a particular focus on German speakers).

After that they will hire additional staff members to increase the number of features and amount of content for the final game, stretching to a few “younger computers” and “running water in the office”.

So there’s still every reason to pledge if you haven’t already.

At the very least Shadowrun Returns is a-go, and will be a 2D turn-based RPG for PC, iPad and – maybe – Mac.

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Infinity Blade: Dungeons, Sky Gamblers Are First iPad HD Games

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iPad 3 has ‘higher resolution than PS3, Xbox 360′ says Epic Games.

Infinity Blade: Dungeons is the latest impressive project to be crafted by Epic Games in support of Apple’s powerful next iPad. It was joined by Namco’s dog-fighting title Sky Gamblers at Apple’s reveal event in the US.

Infinity Blade: Dungeons is a 3rd-person action adventure, which enables players to run around fighting in real-time in what appears to be more of an action RPG than previous games. It’ll also feature a new crafting system – dungeon crafting.

Meanwhile Sky Gamblers looks similar to Ace Combat, and supports up to 50 jets fighting all at once – Namco’s producer described it as a “console quality” experience.

  • iPad 3 Official Details: Retina Display, Quad-Core Processor, 4G LTE
  • iPad HD: Apple Reveals New 4G Tablet, iOS 5.1, New Apple TV
  • iPad 3/HD: Apple Inventory Confirms 16GB, 4G iPad

Diablo 3 Release Date Leaks On Retail Site

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Diablo 3 release date rumours are all over the place, as a new alleged date has appear on a Dutch retail site.

Diablo 3 release date stories will never die, and as anticipation for Blizzard’s RPG reachers fever pitch, a new rumoured date has surface on the website of a Dutch toy retailler.

Retailler Bart Smit slapped a release date of 19th April 2012 for Diablo 3 on a preorder case of the game, according to a photo posted on a Dutch site called Thumbscrew. 

As ever, Blizzard is remaining quiet on the issue, but we’ll have more on the Diablo 3 release date saga as it inevitably continues.

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Witcher 2: The Assassins Of Kings Hits Xbox 360 In April – Epic Trailer

Author: ally keer  //  Category: Games and Players, Xbox

CD Projekt confirms April release date for Xbox version of acclaimed RPG.

Diablo 3 Release Date Could Be Delayed

Author: Arthur Ricky  //  Category: Games and Players

South Korean game rating board could throw a spanner in simultaneous worldwide release.

Diablo 3’s release could be jeopordised by the most recent refusal by South Korea’s Game Rating Board to pass the game for release in the country.

“Committee members are conflicted about what to do with Diablo 3 because of Blizzard’s information on the game’s ‘auction house’ feature,” a board spokesman told Korea Times.

The high proportion of gamers in South Korea’s population are huge fans of Blizzard’s games Starcraft, WoW and Diablo, but Diablo 3’s real-money auction house could represent a problem for the board which has strict guidelines to limit videogame gambling.

“In principle, we are always committed to a global release,” a spokesperson for Blizzard said.

Diablo 3 is currently in closed beta, while Blizzard has yet to set a final release date for the action-RPG.

Thanksgiving app sales: More Gameloft titles, Dark Meadow, and Steam sale underway

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Here are even more Thanksgiving/Black Friday app sales popping up on the App Store:

  • Gameloft has a few more titles on sale than I mentioned yesterday — here’s the full list.
  • Retro RPG Companions for iPad is down to $3.99.
  • The official Peterson Birds of North America app is down to 30% off, at $9.99.
  • Steam has started up its official holiday sale, featuring huge discounts on all kinds of downloadable games for the Mac. Portal 2 for just over $10 is a great place to start (if you don’t have it already), but there will be great games in there all week long.
  • Boy, if you’ve ever wanted an EA Mobile game, now’s the time to buy it — almost all of the company’s games are down to 99 cents. Reckless Racing, Simcity Deluxe, and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit are standouts, but there’s a lot of good choices in there.
  • Pangea Software is having a Black Friday 99 cents sale as well, with Enigmo 2 and Nanosaur 2 as two to check out.
  • Tactical Soldier: Undead Rising is down to $1.99, and Heroes of Kalevala is that same price on iPad, only 99 cents on iPhone.
  • Wayforward’s great Shantae: Risky’s Revenge is usually $4.99 with an in-app purchase, but this week it’s only a buck.
  • Firemint’s titles are on sale, but I think we all already own those.
  • Playfirst’s Hotel, Wedding, and Parking Dash titles are lowered to 99 cents on iPhone and $2.99 on the iPad.
  • Dark Meadow is just a buck — highly recommended if you don’t have it yet and don’t mind some scares.
  • Kairosoft’s Hot Springs Story and Pocket Academy are both down to just $1.99.
  • Telltale has a whole bunch of iOS games on sale, including Puzzle Agent 1 and 2, and all of the Back to the Future, Hector: Badge of Carnage, and Tales of Monkey Island games for iPad. Each episode is $2.99, which could make for a fun Thanksgiving weekend if you buy the whole set.
  • Spinlight Studio has a whole line of colorful childrens’ education apps, and all of them are on sale this weekend.
  • All of the Sage Board games apps, including Tigris and Euphrates, Ra, and Puerto Rico, are on sale, from $1.99 to $4.99.
  • Flickr HD is just 99 cents, which is the cheapest price the app has ever been.

And I think that’s all … for today (isn’t that enough?!). There’s really no need to fight store lines for video games when you can get all these great titles for pennies each on the App Store. Be sure to keep an eye on our Deals category for even more deals all weekend and holiday season long!

Thanksgiving app sales: More Gameloft titles, Dark Meadow, and Steam sale underway originally appeared on TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog on Wed, 23 Nov 2011 23:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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From Computer Nerd to Dragon Quest Programmer: The Koichi Nakamura Story

Author: Arthur Ricky  //  Category: Apple, Nintendo

47-year-old Koichi Nakamura is one of those guys who joined the Japanese game industry early on and never quite left it. His company Chunsoft (which will formally merge with Spike next year) has held an influential role in the business for years — it programmed all of the Dragon Quest games until the sixth; it created the “sound novel” adventure genre, and it also pioneered the randomly-generated dungeon RPG genre on consoles with titles like Shiren the Wanderer. Way back in the day, however, it was just Koichi Nakamura. And Koichi Nakamura was an abashed computer nerd.

“I was living out in the rural areas of Shikoku western Japan back in high school,” he told Famitsu magazine for their retro-gaming column. “I didn’t have anyplace to sell my games, so getting them published in magazines was the best I could do. It was over an hour by train to the nearest computer store, and that was the only one in the entire prefecture.”