GTA 5 Behind Closed Doors, E3 Rumours Persist – Report

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Forum post thinks GTA 5 info is incoming in July, while behind-the-scenes conversations suggest Rockstar has already shown the game.

All’s quiet from Rockstar on GTA 5 these days, but a recent forum post on the official GTA forums seems to believe more information is incoming.

Most interesting is the revelation that Forum user bud23 – who claims to be a freelance writer for what seems like a number of European magazines – has been speaking to people that might have seen GTA 5.

The forum post talks of a journalist at E3 2012 who, behind closed doors with “the boss of Sony in an european country,” discussed GTA 5. The Sony representative claims to have seen GTA 5 in action.

The post then mentions that three major magazine publications -GameInformer, OXM and PSM – who already have previews of GTA 5 ready. 

The thread post then speculates that GTA 5 will receive some information in July, with a release date of October 2012.

There’s a lot of decent points made here, though admittedly most of it is speculative and without any real conclusive evidence – it’s certainly worth reading if you’re hopeful for an October 2012 GTA 5 release date, or indeed any details whatsoever.

Take it all with a pinch of salt, of course, there’s no real facts here.

Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Release Date Is 26 June

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Vampire-themed Skyrim expansion set for release early next week.

Bethesda has confirmed that Skyrim DLC Dawnguard will be released next Tuesday on Xbox 360.

Bethblog said on its Twitter feed that, “Dawnguard will be out Tuesday for 360 in English. FIGS 1.6 patch for 360 coming next week and Dawnguard FIGS will be out mid-July.”

FIGS stands for French, Italian, German and Spanish; the 1.6 patch will introduce mounted combat.

The DLC has undergone a 10-day beta testing phase, so we’re hoping it’ll be relatively bug-free.

The Xbox 360 has an 30-day exclusivity with Dawnguard, with PS3 and PC versions set for release at the end of July.

GTA 5: Amazon Predicts December 2012 Release Date

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Grand Theft Auto 5 gets another release prediction – but is this one just a placeholder?

GTA 5’s listings on features an attached December 2012 release date – the first retailer to suggest a launch window since Take Two delayed BioShock Infinite to February 2013 and Wedbush Securities predicted an ‘optimal’ release window of October 2012 for GTA 5.

Amazon could simply have it as a placeholder, but evidence appears to be mounting for a GTA 5 release this side of Christmas.

Rockstar releases Max Payne 3 next week, while publisher Take Two is expected to at least hint at GTA 5 details during a financial results call on 22 May.

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Minecraft Xbox Gets New Screens, Review Following Release Date Next Week

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Mincraft XBLA_1.jpg

Minecraft hits Xbox 360 next week – check out the new screens and details of NowGamer’s incoming review.

Minecraft finally heads to Xbox Live next week, when the Xbox 360-specific version of Mojang’s create-’em-up launches on Tuesday 8 May.

NowGamer’s review will follow shortly afterwards – check it out for all the differences between the Xbox 360 and PC versions, how Minecraft holds up on a controller and more.

New screens via Minecraft’s page reveal how the game will work with friends, also confirming a near-identical sandbox environment to the PC original – check them out in our gallery.

Minecraft will launch on Xbox Live for 1600MP, around £13.

GTA 5: Pachter Predicts Pre-E3 Showing, October Release Date

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Rockstar set to ’steal thunder’ from E3 with a GTA 5 announcement ahead of the show thinks analyst.

GTA 5 could be revealed further the day before E3 begins as Rockstar likes  “stealing the thunder from everything else,” according to Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter.

“They’ve outgrown the show. I think they’re way too cool to go,” he said on GTTV (skip to 5.31). “My read on those guys is they like stealing the thunder from everything else. So if I had to bet, I’d say you’d get an announcement on GTA 5 the day before E3 starts, that’d be Monday, June 4. They don’t show up and that’s all anybody can do is talk about GTA 5 at the show.”

Rockstar last attended E3 to reveal Agent at Sony’s press conference in 2009.

Pachter added that he expects GTA 5’s release date to fall on 23 October – shortly after BioShock Infinite, which the analyst says is of no concern to Rockstar. With both games falling under the Take Two Interactive umbrella however, you might want to take that with a pinch of salt.

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Call Of Duty 9: Flying Drone Video Teases Future-Set Black Ops 2

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The Call of Duty site links to a video of a flying gun platform ahead of an expected Black Ops 2 reveal next week.

Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 set in the future? A new hint from the Call of Duty website suggests it is, linking to a YouTube video (below) from explosive show FPS Russian.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is expected to be revealed on Tuesday next week as Treyarch’s 2012 CoD title – but, unlike its predecessor, it could be set in the near-future and feature offensive unmanned flying drones.

The video’s host says: “Technology in this baby isn’t going to be out there for at least another decade,” describing the drone in his demonstration as “truly a weapon of the future.”

He also lets slip that his sources say it will be in the next Call of Duty game, as well as acknowledging Activision as the video’s sponsors.

Check out the video below, for your first glimpse at the potential technology headed to the next Call of Duty game:

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GTA 5: Developer CV Lists October 2012 Release Date

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The latest Grand Theft Auto 5 release date speculation comes from the CV of an animator.

GTA 5 is still being developed safely under Rockstar’s veil of secrecy, but with a number of alleged details springing up in the last few days, gamers could now have a firmer idea of the game’s much-speculated release date.

An online CV for animator Alex O’Dwyer – since taken offline, but noted by AGB - mentions that GTA 5 is set for an October launch.

The hugely busy month for games will alreadyis set for Assassin’s Creed 3 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter launches, and has previously been speculated by analysts and gamers alike.

Rockstar still has yet to confirm platforms or any other basic details – let alone whether GTA 5 will even launch in 2012.

If this is accurate will we see other games’ release dates jump out of the way? Do you want to see GTA 5 launch in one of 2012’s most hyped months? Have your say in our comments section below!

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Trials Evolution: Gameplay Reveals Tracks, Multiplayer, Modes

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See XBLA’s fiendish bike-’em-up Trials Evolution in all its glory.

Trials Evolution is headed to XBLA on 18 April for 1200 Microsoft points, and brings more of the type of mayhem experienced in RedLynx’s first Trials game as well as on and offline multiplayer and loads more.

Get a good look at some of the game’s 60 tracks, skiing, the multiple customisations, four-way multiplayer and loads more in the clip above.

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Medal Of Honor: Warfighter – First Frostbite 2.0 Screens

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Check out these first screens of Medal Of Honor: Warfighter in action, highlighting Frostbite 2.0 in gorgeous detail.

The Medal Of Honor: Warfighter trailer has just been leaked – you can watch it here in HD – but the action is a little too quick to spot everything. So we decided to slow it down a little bit with this gallery of screengrabs from the trailer.

What does it show? Well, DICE’s gorgeous Frostbite 2.0 engine is at work – highlighting just how fantastic the lighting system is, from shadows on the stairs, flashes of lightning or bursts of fire in an explosion. Looking good.

Then there’s the gameplay, matching the previous Medal Of Honor’s slower pace with soldiers wading silently through a river, setting up a sniping position during a thunderous typhoon.

Then there’s the bombast you’d come to expect from a trailer like this, finishing off with a lot of guns, a lot of bullets and a lot of explosions. What’s not to like?

Take a look at the screens and see if you can pinpoint any details from the trailer in closer detail.

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iPad 3: Apple To Announce Next Tablet 7 March

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Apple’s next iPad set to break cover on 7 March.

iPad 3 is about to be announced, according to invitations for an Apple hosted event in San Francisco.

The next iPad has long been rumoured for a March reveal, but with the invitation – which highlights an iPad and it’s screen – it seems Apple has confirmed the iPad 3 will be revealed at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco at 10AM PST.

The invitation comes with the caption “We have something you really have to see. And touch”, hinting at the likelihood of the next iPad 3 coming with the iPhone 4’s gorgeous Retina Display.

It’s a feature long demanded by iPad users eager for the next iteration, but doubly exciting is the potential tech specs powering the iPad 3.

Remember Angry Birds Space is expected for a March release date too, nicely tying in to the release of some form of new iPad.

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