PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale beta Comes

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Now, the developers of the PlayStation Royale All-Stars Battle SuperBot are ready to open beta for everyone as they head into the last month of development. Open Beta is similar to the current closed beta, but there is a crucial difference – Play Cross.

If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you are eligible to participate in beta Sony first open access for its highly anticipated PlayStation PS3 title Royale All-Stars battle. The game is Sony’s answer to Nintendo franchise Super Smash Bros., and it is expected this holiday season.

Players will be able to battle it out with characters from nearly two decades in the history of PlayStation, ranging from classic casual fan knows that all the darker for Sony fanboys really fanatics to enjoy. The game will be released on November 20, but the beta is online today for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

In a first step, the open beta will be available for PlayStation Plus members until 23 October. At this time, it will be accessible to all. The beta will be open until October 30 that potential buyers are encouraged to try the beta while they still can. A point to note is that every owner of Vita, regardless of their status Plus, will be able to join the beta starting tomorrow. This is the least they can do for those of us who asked for money Vita.

The Open Beta will be similar to the closed beta in that only a few characters will be playable. Players can try Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper and PaRappa Fat Princess. Only two steps – Metropolis Hades – will also be available. As for game modes, four players and two tournaments v2 will be available only for the moment.

Sony also announced that the program of pre-orders for the game was announced at E3 has been extended to all the characters. Interestingly, the other pre-order costumes for Raiden Lists hero Metal Gear Rising in his original costume in Metal Gear Solid 2. The costumes are also available on both versions of the game like Playstation All-Stars program supports new Sony Buy Cross. In essence, those who buy the game on PS3 will get a free download code for version Vita.

Is This What PlayStation 4 Looks Like?

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PS4 takes one step closer to reality.

The first images of what could be the PlayStation 4 has emerged, as found in the latest issue of Play magazine.

Play commissioned artist Ross Board to design the image based on Sony’s product line and history, technology trends and the likely architecture of the PlayStation 4 itself.

Play believes the PlayStation 4 will have a Blu-Ray drive, in spite of the recent Gaikai deal. The outlet also believes Sony’s next console will feature an internal power source, four USB 3.0 ports, PowerXCell and will continue to use DualShock as its primary input device.

“The next generation will arguably the last that uses physical media,” the magazine writes. “Downloads and streaming means publishers don’t have to worry about second-hand sales, while the continued success of services shows digital is the way forward. Problem? UK’s broadband infrastructure is poor.”

The latest issue of Play is available now from newsagents, iTunes, Imagine Shop and

God Of War 4: PlayStation ‘Vengeance’ Tease Hits Facebook

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An image is teasing something on the PlayStation Facebook page, and looks like it could be linked to a new God of War game.

God of War 4 could be set for a reveal as soon as next week judging by a new teaser image on the PlayStation Facebook page.

“Will vengeance bring redemption?” asks the graphic, which also mentions a 19 April 2012 date.

Numerous comments on the image are hopeful of a God of War 4 reveal.

A God of War 3 sequel has long been rumoured, with Sony Santa Monica openly recruiting to the ‘God of War team’ since finishing the last game in the series.

God of War 4 has also cropped up on LinkedIn profiles too.

Is God of War 4 set for release next week? Drop us a comment!

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Skyrim 1.5 Patch: Bethesda Issues PS3 Freezing Fix

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If the latest Skyrim update is causing issues on your PS3, Bethesda has a fix for you.

Skyrim’s 1.5 update may be causing issue for some gamers – especially on PS3 – if you’re experiencing problems then here’s some helpful advice.

“We’ve seen reports of users having issues with the game freezing up when entering water. If you’re having this issue, head to the PlayStation XMB menu. From there go to Game>Game Data Utility. Delete the game data and title updates for Skyrim,” Bethesda wries on the Skyrim forums.

“Game Data is not the same as your game saves. As long as you’re not deleting anything from the game saves folder, you’ll still have your saves. Once you restart Skyrim, you’ll need to wait for the 1.5 title update to reinstall, as well as the mandatory game data install.”

There you have it, Skyrim fans.

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Handcircus set to return to iOS with free game based on Okabu

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Simon Oliver’s Handcircus studio was one of the biggest winners in the early days of the App Store. His game Rolando was originally published by Ngmoco back before the company went completely bonkers with social and free-to-play casual games. After Rolando 2 sort of sputtered out into the marketplace, hamstrung by Ngmoco’s own strategy, Oliver and his company strayed away from iOS and created a game called Okabu for the PlayStation Network.

Oliver is coming back to iOS, according to The Guardian. The company has been working on a new mobile title set in the same universe as Okabu that will again be free-to-play. But before Rolando fans worry, don’t forget that the app market changed a lot in the few years since Rolando was released, and Oliver himself has changed as well. “When Ngmoco decided to go free-to-play, I didn’t know how to make games like that,” he tells the Guardian. “But ideas have been bubbling away for the last couple of years.”

I’m interested to see what Oliver gets up to. He suggests that Handcircus still may use a third-party publisher to get the game out, which is a little bit worrying. But it’ll be good to have one of the biggest original iPhone devs back on the platform with a new release.

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Nintendo’s GameCube is Now 10 Years Old

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Just over five years after releasing the Nintendo 64, and three days after Microsoft entered the home game console business, Nintendo released the GameCube in North America on November 18, 2001. Although it was more powerful than the PlayStation 2, released a year earlier, and priced at just $199.99, for the second generation in a row Nintendo didn’t enjoy anywhere near the level of success Sony did.

Nintendo wasn’t able to tout the GameCube as the most powerful system of the generation due to the Xbox’s presence. It did have an edge over the PS2 horsepower-wise, and Nintendo finally left cartridges behind for its home consoles. But rather than opt to use DVDs like Microsoft and Sony, it opted for a proprietary optical disc format smaller than DVDs both in physical size and storage space. The system itself was incapable of playing DVDs — a feature that did wonders for the success of the PS2 — although Japan did get the Panasonic Q system that remedied that particular problem for its small number of owners.

PlayStation Network Going Down for Half a Day

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Uncharted 3

If your plans for Thursday include being online on the PlayStation Network, you may want to start coming up with a backup plan now. Sony will be taking the service down for roughly 14 hours tomorrow.

Sony says this is merely for routine maintenance, though if that were the case, it’d be nice if it were scheduled to take place at night — PSN will be offline from 8am until 10pm Pacific (11am to 1am Eastern) on November 17.

Promised Saints Row: The Third PS3 Exclusive is Missing

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Saints Row The Third

Among the exclusives announced during Sony’s E3 press conference this year were bonuses for a handful of EA games and THQ’s Saints Row: The Third. Now that The Third is here, it seems as if that particular E3 reveal didn’t pan out.

The nature of the bonus wasn’t specified at the time; we simply knew it would include a mode centered around the game’s signature weapon. Joystiq reports there doesn’t appear to be anything exclusive to the PlayStation 3 version of the game and that THQ isn’t commenting on the situation. It’s speculated that Whored Mode could have once been the bonus, only that ended up in 360 and PC versions of the game in addition to the PS3 one. THQ wouldn’t say if that was the case one way or the other.

Microsoft Xbox Turns 10 Years Old Today

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Microsoft Xbox

It was 10 years ago today that Microsoft entered the videogame console business with the release of the Xbox in North America. The system debuted at $299.99 and its release came more than a year after the PlayStation 2 had already debuted in western markets and three days before the GameCube, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary in North America on Friday. Xbox was the most powerful of the three consoles during that generation (four if you wish to include the Dreamcast), though that didn’t translate into sales — PS2 ended up dominating the console market for much of the decade, but Xbox did prove to be influential in the long run.

The Xbox name came from the original idea of creating a DirectX Box, DirectX being the name for a set of APIs used on computers. (’DirectX Box’ ended up being shortened to ‘Xbox.’) The system was, like the PS2 and unlike the Dreamcast and GameCube, capable of playing DVDs in addition to games. Dolby 5.1 support and an integrated Ethernet port were both standard, as was an 8GB hard drive, a new concept for videogame consoles at the time. The obvious benefits of a hard drive included the ability to save games without a memory card and rip music from CDs that could then be listened to as a soundtrack in certain games. Its presence later opened the door for downloadable content in games like Halo 2. (A standard hard drive was abandoned for certain models of the Xbox 360, resulting in developers avoiding mandatory installs no matter the cost.)

Final Fantasy XIV Boss on The Road to 2.0

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On September 21, 2010, Final Fantasy XIV was released. On December 10, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada canned most of the lead staff, delayed the PlayStation 3 version indefinitely, and admitted that FFXIV failed “to meet customers’ expectations.” Even in an MMORPG industry that’s laden with flashy launches and dizzying failures, it was a pretty crazy three months.

Once the dust settled, it was up to Naoki Yoshida — the new producer and director of FFXIV — to pick up all the pieces in early ‘11. “With Final Fantasy XIV,” he told Famitsu magazine this week, “we lost the trust of a lot of people when the PC version was released, so the first issue to tackle was to really improve the PC version and get players so start thinking ‘Wow, they’re serious about this, maybe I can trust them after all.’ With MMORPGs, the trust that gets built between the developers and players is indispensable.”