Microsoft’s Xbox One coming to China in September

Author: Arthur Ricky  //  Category: Xbox

Microsoft’s Xbox One is coming to China in September, making it the first major console release in the country since it lifted its long-standing ban on video games. This comes after the company joined forces with China’s BesTV shortly before the country reversed its 13-year old gaming ban. While that law opened the door for international companies to sell consoles in China, it did retain one restriction: games have to be approved by the Ministry of Culture before they can be sold. Now, we just can’t help but wonder which titles made the cut.

Following the success of the history of the Xbox  product release, Xbox One the second half of this year will be made to develop new markets. At present, Xbox One has more than 5000000 units in 13 countries and sales, sales than the same period of 360 Xbox higher than 50%. The continuation of this trend, Xbox One will be a strong wind cyclone in 42 markets worldwide in September of this year.