The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have a 6.3-inch screen?

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Samsung game pad

With all this information flooding Samsung Galaxy S4 with its announcement yesterday at the Samsung press event unwrapped, it seems that Samsung has also given a potential spoiler of his big combined another note Samsung Galaxy 3.

With the launch S4, a host of other accessories were also announced by the manufacturer, one of which is a game official Bluetooth controller that adapts Pd have a multitude of devices Samsung smartphones, ranging from screen size 4 to 6.3 inches!

Today, we are a long shot that here, but with the Bluetooth accessory defined as a generic for all Samsung Galaxy range, it could mean that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could be? Super-sized? In the department of the screen, along the entire height of 6.3 m.

A few weeks ago some sources have claimed that the next version of the notes come in 5.9 inches? In the department of the screen, adding an additional 0.4 on the previous model, but with smartphones becoming larger (S4 Galaxy features a huge 5-inch? Screen), it is clear that Note 3 may take a bit silly to keep his reputation as the greatest.

Regarding the actual Bluetooth joystick itself, while looking like a back to top 00 is the bit of kit esq Xbox 360 has two analog sticks, two shoulder buttons and four buttons action and can be added on your smartphone to turn your Galaxy S4 (or grade 3!) in a mini console.

It is all a bit of speculation regarding the note 3, but Samsung wants to keep its Galaxy range of handsets in the extension of the other, we can see that the joystick would be something of a story on entering S4 and note 3.


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