Move Multimedia to Your Bed

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What about watching TV on your bedstead? Have you ever thought about that. Or that can be your computer screen on the beadstead? With a LCD screen along with your bed, you can easily save a lot of room of your house. And above all, you won’t need be away from the bed to turn the home TV off. It is not a mystery now. The product like this has arised.


The picture shows a Single Multimedia Bedstead by Harvard furniture company, which can satisfy your multimedia needs on your bed more comfortablely. The TV bed can include the following things:a HD LCD TV with remote, Adjustable head and foot-ends, Slatted beech wood base, Integrated Digital Free View tuner etc.

And when the TV is not in-use, it can be easily retracted into the foot-end, creating a flush surface and erasing all signs of a TV.

What are the two black board on the headboard? Have you noticed? They are two round speakers. hmm. it is so nice to watch a movie or TV series with the speaker. For other home users, maybe there are different needs and design.

The multimedia bed also comes with an integrated MP3 docking station, it is a one-stop entertainment centre. And in addition to all the tech mod-cons, it has handy ‘cubby holes’ for storing plenty of CDs and DVDs.

But what are the disadvantages? If you use the TV bed of this style, the eye health is the most serious problem because of the distance. You should pay attention to it to avoid long time watching TV. So maybe you will then consider buy common beds from the high quality China beds manufacturers.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale beta Comes

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Now, the developers of the PlayStation Royale All-Stars Battle SuperBot are ready to open beta for everyone as they head into the last month of development. Open Beta is similar to the current closed beta, but there is a crucial difference – Play Cross.

If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you are eligible to participate in beta Sony first open access for its highly anticipated PlayStation PS3 title Royale All-Stars battle. The game is Sony’s answer to Nintendo franchise Super Smash Bros., and it is expected this holiday season.

Players will be able to battle it out with characters from nearly two decades in the history of PlayStation, ranging from classic casual fan knows that all the darker for Sony fanboys really fanatics to enjoy. The game will be released on November 20, but the beta is online today for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

In a first step, the open beta will be available for PlayStation Plus members until 23 October. At this time, it will be accessible to all. The beta will be open until October 30 that potential buyers are encouraged to try the beta while they still can. A point to note is that every owner of Vita, regardless of their status Plus, will be able to join the beta starting tomorrow. This is the least they can do for those of us who asked for money Vita.

The Open Beta will be similar to the closed beta in that only a few characters will be playable. Players can try Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper and PaRappa Fat Princess. Only two steps – Metropolis Hades – will also be available. As for game modes, four players and two tournaments v2 will be available only for the moment.

Sony also announced that the program of pre-orders for the game was announced at E3 has been extended to all the characters. Interestingly, the other pre-order costumes for Raiden Lists hero Metal Gear Rising in his original costume in Metal Gear Solid 2. The costumes are also available on both versions of the game like Playstation All-Stars program supports new Sony Buy Cross. In essence, those who buy the game on PS3 will get a free download code for version Vita.