Video Games for Children: Helpful Tips for Concerned Parents

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Children definitely like video games. However, it is a cause for concern to parents as a lot of these games contain materials that are not fit for children. Violence, bad language and nudity abound in some of these videos. Here are some tips to help parents choose video games that are safe and enjoyable for children:

1. Take into account your children’s interests. For children who love animals, some of these stuff feature animals. There are also sports-related digital entertainment systems for those interested in sports. Others revolve around fantasy themes or challenging strategies. Children will enjoy the ones that are attuned to their interests.

2. Find out what other mothers are saying about their children’s video games. Other mothers’ comments are bound to be more reliable than any ratings posted on the packaging. You can talk to mothers who have children who are about the same age as yours, or you can browse for customer reviews. You can benefit a lot from other parents’ recommendations and criticisms.

3. Consult the ratings posted by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) on the packaging. However, do not make this your sole basis for purchasing. They usually classify these software in terms of suitability to a particular age bracket. Read the reasons used by the ESRB for categorization, and see if they are acceptable to you.

4. Use the parental control settings incorporated on your kids’ entertainment consoles or computers. These settings use the ESRB ratings to block out any games that do not fall within the ratings that you have specified. As these settings are password-restricted, you would be able to protect your kids from inappropriate elements even during the times when you are not directly supervising them.

5. Children like games that make them feel powerful and in control. Manufacturers of these software intentionally create videos that fulfill this particular need in children by incorporating violence. Try to choose those that children will find challenging and thrilling without being violent. There are videos that provide challenging puzzles and give children a feeling of accomplishment.

6. Avoid purchasing games that require too little effort from your children, as they will surely find them boring in a short span of time. Look for those that are intellectually challenging and which enhance their critical thinking skills.

7. For your young girls, find those with characters that encourage strength and accomplishment.

8. Choose dual or multi-player entertainment systems that help develop your child’s socialization skills. Some of these intentionally require cooperation among its players.

The best way for you to decide if a video game is worth purchasing is for you to try them out yourself first. You can ask the vendor for a sample demonstration within the store, or you can rent it out first. Go over reviews and talk to other parents. That way, you can ensure you would be getting your money’s worth when you decide to buy it. At the same time, you would feel confident that the ones you chose are not unconsciously sowing negative values among your kids.

Aline Heller writes about parenting and family life. To learn more about video games for children, go to Video Game Hotlist. Another resource is Video Game Godfather eCourse.

iPad 3: Apple To Announce Next Tablet 7 March

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Apple’s next iPad set to break cover on 7 March.

iPad 3 is about to be announced, according to invitations for an Apple hosted event in San Francisco.

The next iPad has long been rumoured for a March reveal, but with the invitation – which highlights an iPad and it’s screen – it seems Apple has confirmed the iPad 3 will be revealed at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco at 10AM PST.

The invitation comes with the caption “We have something you really have to see. And touch”, hinting at the likelihood of the next iPad 3 coming with the iPhone 4’s gorgeous Retina Display.

It’s a feature long demanded by iPad users eager for the next iteration, but doubly exciting is the potential tech specs powering the iPad 3.

Remember Angry Birds Space is expected for a March release date too, nicely tying in to the release of some form of new iPad.

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Small claims action to combat AT&T data throttling

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Are you an iPhone owner with an unlimited plan? Are you being throttled by AT&T for using the data on your plan? If so, you may want to follow in the footsteps of Matt Spaccarelli who sued AT&T in small claims court. After a quick trial, the judge awarded him $850 in damages.

AT&T’s contact terms prevent you from joining Spaccarelli and turning this into a class action lawsuit. Your best option is to hire a lawyer, go to small claims court and hope for the best. Mactech has an excellent primer to guide you through the process. It’s not meant to be legal advice, just a friendly guide with tips like getting a copy of your contract, finding the right lawyer and so on.

In the end, you’d be doing this for the principle, not the money. The $850 that Mr Spaccarelli received would barely cover his legal fees, and if he wanted to cancel his contract with AT&T, well, that would be another $350. Even if you don’t come away with some cash, you’ll at least feel good about sticking it to the man.

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Various Types Of Flight Simulators

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A simple definition of flying simulator describes it as a system that realistically recreates the experience of flying in an airplane. The range of flying simulators available on the market today is very wide. Starting from simple computer games all the way to sophisticated airplane cockpit replicas controlled by advanced software systems.

There are many different profiles of people interested in flight simulators, from casual gamers and aviation enthusiast to professional pilots and aviation industry engineers and manufacturers. Such systems have significant role in training flight crew and in testing flying hardware, software and new equipment. That’s why their qualities, features and prices are very much different.

The main purpose of flying simulators is to train aircraft pilots. Military schools and academies use high-end simulation devices such as Part Task Trainers, Cockpit Procedures Trainers and the advanced Full Flight Simulators.

Part Task Trainers are designed for beginner pilots and aircrew to train on a specific task or system in an airplane. Cockpit Procedures Trainers are used for standard and emergency procedures. Full Flight Simulators have the ability to rotate in 6 degrees of freedom and are designed to give pilots the feel of a real plane.

Such advanced simulation devices give trainee pilots the experience of three rotations and linear movements and train them for various types of emergency procedures including aircraft system malfunctions and engine failures.

When it comes to flight simulator software applications there are also many options available. They where initially developed for gaming industry and had only entreating value. With the advances in graphic technology some simulation games have become very advanced and sophisticated and are often used for basic flight training in many flying schools and academies. Their main characteristic is high level of realism and the ability to provide true-to-life flying experience to their users.

Many aviation enthusiasts and wannabe pilots are now looking for this type of games not only for the amusement and hobby but also for their high educational value. Aviation games with large number of aircraft models and with many maps and landscapes are very much appreciated. They have improved significantly in recent years and can provide their users with lot of fun and give them an amazing experience of flying that used to be reserved only for high-priced aviation academies and flying courses.

Modern flight simulation games are relatively cheap but if you are truly interested in flying you will also need many additional items and add-ons. You might need various types of controllers, pedals, yokes, joysticks or additional maps, aircraft models and different missions. Before you decide which model you want to buy it’s very important to make a research and read about various types of flight simulation games and equipment. Choosing the right software is of ultimate importance for your best experience and your future in the world of flying.

I’m an aviation enthusiast and a big fan of flying. I’ve tried and tested many different flight simulation games over the years and now I’m using Pro Flight Simulator Suite. Find more detail about it and read Pro Flight Simulator reviews on this page.

Skyrim Dev Bethesda Hiring For Game On ‘Future-Gen’ Consoles

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Bethesda preparing for Wii U, Next Xbox and PlayStation 4 with next-gen job ad.

Next-gen is the old future-gen according to Bethesda Game Studios which has revealed it is working on a title for unannounced platforms.

“Bethesda Game Studios is looking for experienced programmers to work on cutting-edge technology for an unannounced game on future-generation consoles,” reads the ad.

It’s just the latest mention of unannounced console platforms, with Epic set to show the Unreal Engine 4 at GDC next week.

Is BSG working on a new Fallout game? Elder Scrolls? Something new? Discuss to your heart’s content below!

Choosing The Best Flight Simulation Game

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Which Flight Simulator Is Best for Your Needs?

One can easy get lost in many different options presented when buying a new flight simulation game. The choice is huge and, the truth be told, most of the choices are neither worth your money nor time. It’s very important to be objective when choosing which game to buy. You have to assess your needs and your real intentions.

Each game is very much different and developed for different groups of people. Casual gamers, aviation enthusiast and pro pilots will all have needs of different types of games with different features and options, consequently, those game will have different price tags. Choose wisely and before buying assesses the qualities of each game, read reviews, forum posts and user comments. Game that doesn’t suite your needs could make your flying experience awful and could even ruin your dreams of becoming an airplane pilot one day.

There are some of the features, however, that are universal to all types of flight simulators and are crucial for enjoyable gaming experience. The most important of these features is nice looking graphic. Flying simulators that don’t have good graphic details are destined to fail. People get annoyed with them easily and look for another game that looks nicer.

Flight simulation game also has to be realistic. This feature is very much connected with graphic too. Scenery, landscapes and environment must look as realistic as possible and match the characteristics of a real world.

When buying a flight simulation game look for the following features:

Good graphic detail in high resolution.Realistic sceneries and true-to-life landscapes.Ability to change the environment easily and without distortions.The game has to be attractive and interesting to play.

The goal of a good flight simulator should also be to instruct its users, to give them the realistic experience and to improve their skills and overall knowledge of aviation industry. This is also a good way to test new aviation equipment and gear. So it is very important to pick a game that has lot of aircraft to choose from and if it has regular updates and follows the changes and innovations in aviation industry.

If you are truly interested in flying and want too improve your skills, the game you choose must have realistic controls and commands. The control panel inside the cockpit of a plane must be identical as in a real airplane and your game controllers have to be realistic too. The price of such controllers (yokes, pedals and joysticks) could be high, often higher than the game itself.

As shown in previous example, the cost of the game and gear combined could get very high. If you are not familiar enough with all the features and with all the options on the market you could be spending lot of money for the options or gear that you don’t really need, or you could be buying something not good enough for you. To avoid such costs check the market and see if the game has following options:

It has to have regular updates and add-ons.Must have good and friendly customer support.Real time and multiplayer options are also very important.To avoid additional costs add-ons and updates have to be free of charge.

It could get somewhat confusing for a novice user when he starts a game for the first time. The experience with a large number of options, controls and commands can be overwhelming. So it’s crucial for the game to have good and easy to follow instructions and user manuals. I personally like instructional videos a lot so I would look for a flight simulator that comes with video tutorials.

I’m an aviation enthusiast and flying fan. I’ve tried many different flight simulators over the years and currently I’m playing Proflight simulator. If you would like to read more about it check Proflight simulator reviews on this page.

Talkcast reminder: Dreaming of a new iPad, 10pm ET tonight

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Whether it’s impending iPad refreshes, don’t-be-evil cookie workarounds, or misrepresenting the Law of Large Numbers, there’s one place you can go to talk about all of it: the weekly shmoozefest we all know as the TUAW Talkcast. Sore throat or no, I’ll be there tonight for the full hour; hope you will, too. Tonight’s special guest: iMore editor Rene Ritchie.

Your calls and questions help us make the show the best it can be. To participate on TalkShoe, you can use the browser-only client, the embedded Facebook app, or download the classic TalkShoe Pro Java client; however, for maximum fun, you should call in. For the web UI, just click the Talkshoe Web button on our profile page at 4 HI/7 PDT/10 pm EDT Sunday. To call in on regular phone or VoIP lines (yay for free cellphone weekend minutes!): dial (724) 444-7444 and enter our talkcast ID, 45077 — during the call, you can request to talk by keying in *8.

If you’ve got a headset or microphone handy (you know those headphones that came with your iPhone?), you can connect via the free Zoiper, X-Lite or Blink SIP clients; and basic instructions are here. Talk to you tonight!

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Guild Wars 2 Beta: Sign Up Ends Today

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Guild Wars 2 beta sign ups are ending tonight, if you want to play, you better get in there quick!

Guild Wars 2 beta sign ups are closing today at 6pm GMT, but if you hurry you can still register your interest over at the official Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign Up page. 

Guild Wars 2 is shaping up to be an absolutely incredible title, delivering a massive fantasy world, many diverse races and classes, as well as plenty of fast paced combat.

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Why Computer Games Are Offensive

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As a video game professional and a gamer I find the term ‘computer games’ unbelievably offensive. This doesn’t mean that I am a console fangirl simply hating on PC games, or that I refuse to develop for anything other than PC. Actually, I am referring to the use of the term by the wider community and its perpetuation of the notion that video games are for children.

My feelings on this matter were in part sparked by the debate for R18+ classification in Australia in recent years. I was following the progress closely for much of last year and was increasingly confused by the constant referral of video games as computer games. In an age where gaming exists on any and every platform one can think of, I am repeatedly puzzled by the use of such a dated term. Games have been beyond the humble home computer for decades so why are they remaining weighed down by such a term? The answer, I find, stems from those who use the term; people who oppose an R18+ classification.

Perhaps this is the primary reason for my feelings on this matter. It seems that every time I see the use of the words they are accompanied by some ridiculous spiel from a family or Christian group about how games are only for children. Or that somehow an R18+ rating system would give children access to sexual, violent or other behaviour that is beyond their maturity. This ideal is dumb, and anyone who plays video games knows this. It shows a great amount of ignorance towards the games and the industry affected by the matter. That said Australia is finally on its way to having an R18+ classification system. While I’ll admit I do scrunch up in disdain every time I see ‘computer games’ used in official government documentation, I’m happy that progress is being made. I know we aren’t there yet but with each step we as gamers and game professionals come closer to acceptance by the wider community. You never know maybe the groups and individuals who showed firm opposition will eventually sway to our train of thought. Can you imagine if they even became gamers themselves!

I liken the term ‘computer games’ instead of ‘video games’ to my sister’s feelings toward ‘potter’ instead of ‘ceramicist’; it is laden with just enough ignorance toward my profession, my interests and the gaming industry as a whole that I find it infuriating enough to rant about it in an article. Unfortunately without a rating system that caters to the maturation of gamers and gaming professionals, my view is not likely to change.

Readability: Coming to an iOS device near you on March 1

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Do you like reading articles on the web, but hate all of the cruft that ends up making posts hard to read? Relax. Readability is going to be available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for free on March 1, 2012.

Readability is somewhat akin to Reader in Safari on the Mac, only much better. Both provide the capability to read web pages sans ads in an very text-centric format, but the similarity ends there. Readability adds extra functionality, including the ability to change text size to accommodate aging or tired eyes, swap fonts, tweet links to posts to your followers, and easily browse a pre-saved reading list.

Users of the popular Tweetbot apps for iPhone and iPad know just how handy Readability can be. The Twitter client includes a way to switch linked web pages to a Readability format for easy reading — I’ve found that it’s my preferred way to view websites on an iPhone.

For a tantalizing glimpse of Readability for iPad, be sure to watch the video below.

Readability: Coming to an iOS device near you on March 1 originally appeared on TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog on Fri, 24 Feb 2012 19:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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