Weekend Deals: The Witcher II, Game of Thrones, and Blood Bowl

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Blood Bowl

Amazon’s deals on PC downloads continue with some of the same titles we’ve seen in recent weeks — Dead Island ($36.99), Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($39.99), and Tropico 4 ($31.99). One noteworthy addition is the newly-released real-time strategy game based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, A Game of Thrones: Genesis, for $31.99.

The Witcher II is being offered on the cheap at a number of places, though Amazon seems to have the best price at $23.99. Steam, GamersGate, and Good Old Games all have it for $29.99.

Steam is offering 80% off the Legendary Edition of Blood Bowl this weekend, bringing its price down to just $8.00 from $39.99. Also of note is Good Old Games giving away Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templar until tomorrow morning, so be sure to jump on that deal as quickly as possible.

Game of Thrones RPG Slated for an Early 2012 Release

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Game of Thrones RPG

Cyanide hasn’t hid the fact that it’s working on a multiplaform RPG based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series — it just hasn’t said much about it. That was understandable with its RTS based on the same franchise, A Game of Thrones: Genesis, in development. With that now out on PC, it’s opened up on the subject of its next project.

The Paris, France-based Cyanide obtained the rights to produce multiple games based on the series back in 2009. It’s had a listing for a Game of Thrones RPG on its website for some time now, but beyond the two screenshots seen in this story and platforms listed as PC and consoles, there wasn’t much to go on. Kotaku today spoke with studio director Yves Bordeleau who revealed some of the first details about the project which, like Genesis, is coming much sooner than you might expect.

The game is described as being a Mass Effect-style RPG set during the time of the first book, A Game of Thrones. Its story follows two different characters who don’t come from the book or TV show, though you will have the chance to run into some established characters. Combat uses an “active pause system” similar to that of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The game was compared with KotOR and the first Mass Effect; it features “less action than Mass Effect 2” and is instead “all about the storyline,” which can be affected by your decisions.

Vita 3G Service Limits the Size of What Can be Downloaded

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You might be paying for access to PlayStation Vita’s 3G service (in addition to paying more for a 3G-equipped system), but you won’t have free reign to download anything over a 3G connection on Sony’s new handheld.

A Sony Computer Entertainment Japan representative revealed in an interview with Japanese website ASCII that only files up to 20MB can be downloaded over 3G, according to a translation by Andriasang. It’s entirely possible that figure could be changed in the future, but at launch, that’s what Japanese gamers can expect to be limited to.

The iPhone, by comparison, originally limited users to downloading files no larger than 10MB. That limit was later increased to 20MB ahead of the iPad’s launch early last year.

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Reportedly Coming in November, More Live TV Details

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Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm

There is a lot in the way of new features headed to Xbox 360 in the coming months. In particular, the new dashboard may be here in a matter of weeks.

Internal PayPal emails shared with Kotaku indicate a launch of the new Twist Control dashboard is slated for November 15. Not only is that the 10-year anniversary of the original Xbox, November has been the month we’ve seen such major overhauls of the dashboard in the past. The email specifically asks employees to test the service in preparation for the November 15 launch; PayPal support was added to Xbox Live in an update released earlier this year.

The new dashboard redesign makes it fully controllable with Kinect, although the hands-free peripheral isn’t required. Voice search with Bing (again, using Kinect) will be a key component, as will Beacons, cloud storage for game saves and Xbox Live profiles, and more.

Psychonauts Updated With New Features on PC, Now Available on Mac

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One of Double Fine’s best games was its very first one: Psychonauts. It combined the developer’s signature humor with some solid platforming action to create a game that was critically acclaimed but didn’t sell as well as it should have. Mac gamers can now finally get their hands on a copy designed to work on Apple’s operating system, and those with a copy on PC can enjoy some new changes and features that have been made available today.

Double Fine has announced that, thanks to a partnership with Dracogen Strategic Investments, Psychonauts is now out for Mac OS X. The Steam version (which costs $9.99) supports SteamPlay — in other words, the same copy can be played on either Windows or Mac. Alternatively, you can find it for the same price on the Mac App Store.

Steam users with the game already installed will find a new update brings with it several welcome changes and additions. Achievements and cloud saves have been introduced, and the difficulty of the Meat Circus has been toned down — though you wouldn’t guess that from the facetious Tim Schafer quote in the press release:

Join 1UP and Nintendo for a Dragon Quest Meet-Up, Get Exclusive Content

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Nintendo’s campaign to bring Dragon Quest joy to American hearts leveled up last week with the release of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 for DS. While not quite up to the incredibly high standards of a main-line Dragon Quest adventure, Joker 2 is good fun, especially if you’re one of those people who takes perverse joy in capturing monsters and forcing them to fight one another to the death.

Nintendo 64 Celebrates its 15-Year Anniversary Today

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After being released during June of the same year in Japan, Nintendo brought the Nintendo 64 to North America on September 29, 1996. It was the company’s third videogame console following the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Although it was during this generation that Nintendo lost its foothold as top dog to Sony and the PlayStation, the N64 is still fondly remembered for being home to some of the most significant and beloved games of all time.

It was actually more than a year earlier that development of the system was complete — Nintendo of America announced on May 5, 1995 that Nintendo and Silicon Graphics, Inc. had completed development of the final chipset for what was then being referred to as the Nintendo Ultra 64. (Previously it was referred to as Project Reality.) It planned to unveil the system at an event that November in Japan (as opposed to E3, taking place days after the May announcement), adding that its release was planned for April of 1996 in North America.

Free Team Fortress Side-Scrolling Demake Out Now

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Team Fortress Arcade

The latest demake from Eric Ruth, who was also responsible for the demakes of Halo, Left 4 Dead, and DJ Hero, is now available as a free download.

Team Fortress Arcade reimagines the first-person shooter as a side-scrolling beat-em-up with guns. It features the nine character classes from the real Team Fortress, each of which has been designed around their TF2 counterparts — attributes like speed, health, and so on are accurate to Valve’s FPS.

The game — which you can download here, courtesy of Piki Geek — features a four-player cooperative mode that is unfortunately restricted to local multiplayer (for now).

New Mortal Kombat Movie in Development From the Director of Rebirth and Legacy

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Mortal Kombat

A new movie based on Mortal Kombat is in the works which will be directed by the man responsible for the live-action trailer that surfaced last year and the subsequent web series.

Mortal Kombat: Rebirth was an eight-minute video (embedded below) that showed it’s possible to make an interesting, serious movie based on the notoriously violent fighting game franchise. Its purpose was unclear at first, but we soon learned it was intended as a pitch for a new Mortal Kombat film. Director Kevin Tancharoen eventually secured a deal to produce a web series to promote the new Mortal Kombat game. The nine-part Mortal Kombat: Legacy series was released on YouTube between April and July.

It’s now being reported by both the LA Times and Deadline that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has teamed up with the Warner-owned New Line Cinema to make a brand-new, live-action Mortal Kombat movie with Tancharoen in the director’s chair.

Review: X-men Destiny Chooses the Power of Irrelevance

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It’s never acknowledged at any point in X-Men Destiny that you’re one of the most powerful mutants to ever appear in the X-Men universe. You can freely swap out abilities and powers at will, setting enemies on fire one second and freezing them the next. It’s uncanny… astonishing even (see what I did there?). Yet when you’re approached by any of the X-Men or Magneto’s Brotherhood, this topic is never breached. You’re simply treated as a newb that needs some coaching throughout the game’s brief four hour adventure.

My core experience was with Aimi Yoshida, one of three different characters you choose to play as and little is done to differentiate them beyond their introductory cut-scenes. You’ll still have access to the same choices of powers and abilities, same levels to traverse, and the same bosses to defeat. Most of the interactions with the X-Men and Brotherhood throughout the game are also the same. And when you’re forced to choose a side, it doesn’t matter unless you’d rather hear either Cyclops or Magneto give a heavy handed speech at the end of the game. This lack of variety makes the whole concept of having to choose a character at the beginning of the game irrelevant.